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Butcher's Pick XL (Serves 4 to 6)

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Included in the Butcher's Pick XL (Serving Size 4 - 6)

Park's Prime BBQ:
  • Park's Galbi (25 oz.) - Prime Short-Ribs marinated in our Award Winning Sauce.
  • Beef Brisket (16 oz.) - Prime Brisket thinly sliced but packed with flavor.
  • Rib-Eye Bulgogi (16oz.) - Prime Rib-Eye thinly sliced and glazed upon order with traditional Korean seasoning.
  • GgotSal (10oz.) - Prime Ribs Marbled to perfection. Hand-carved for the perfect bite.

Additional items for the perfect KBBQ experience:
  • Assorted Mushrooms
  • Ssam (Green Leaf Wraps)
  • Banchan/Sides (5 Different Kinds)
  • Dips/Condiments
  • Rice (4 bowls for XL)

Storage and Cooking Instructions
  • Refrigerate all items Immediately.
  • Sauces/Condiments best within 1 week.
  • Sides(Banchan) best within 3 days.
  • For Park's Quality Taste, All meats should be cooked and served immediately.
  • All meats are raw and must be cooked before consumption.